Peek inside my “Mad Men-evoking” home via a new article in the Oregonian, highlighting Restore Oregon’s “Mid-Century Modern Design Series”. May 10th – 11th, ours and five other exemplary mid-century modern homes will be open for your exploration as part of the tour.

This Restore Oregon series is a unique opportunity for so many reasons! After a panel discussion with renowned regional architect, Anthony Belluschi attendees will get to meet with vendors offering services and furnishings ideal for the renovation of mid-century homes. Saturday’s curated self-driving tour features five private homes designed, or built, by influential architects from our region. During the tour, you will get to explore and ask questions of the volunteers and homeowners who have maintained these homes to perfection.

“One of the stops on Saturday’s tour is architect Pietro Belluschi’s [The father of acclaimed architect Anthony Belluschi, panel speaker] famous last Portland residence, an exemplar of his breakthrough Northwest modern style. Ceiling planks extend beyond exterior walls and glass panels frame West Hills views.”

Rummer, Belluschi, Hilborn – if these are names you know and love, make this series a priority. You won’t regret it!

Proceeds from the fundraising events benefit the nonprofit Restore Oreg­on. It’s $75 to attend Friday and Saturday events or $50 for just Saturday’s home tour and party.

You can learn more, and purchase tickets, here.

Read the full feature and see more of the homes pictured below here.


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